Superior Seals Apprenticeship Academy


Opened by Duke of Kent in 2012, the Superior Seals Apprentice Academy expanded their apprentice offering by providing the facilities and classrooms required for the students to grow their skills. As a leading manufacturer of high integrity o-rings and seals, Superior are looking to plug the STEM skills gap by investing in trainees, graduates, and apprentices meaning that they can build a strong foundation for a career in the industry. The family-owned business has a strong belief in maintaining that atmosphere throughout its company, allowing everyone to become a partner of the team.

THE BRIEF - We were required to produce a series of video and interview footage to support their entry to the National Apprenticeship Awards, as well as creating an animation to showcase what the Academy has to offer to potential students.

THE SOLUTION - Our animation brings their existing brochure to life, providing a potential apprentice with an engaging video that clearly illustrates what the programme has to offer. Since the award application, the video has been used to highlight how apprentices benefit the businesses for those also interested in setting up their own apprenticeship programmes.

Superior Academy Animation

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"RMP were professional, friendly and made everyone here at Superior feel at ease. They grasped exactly what we wanted quickly, working effectively and efficiently to ensure it was delivered to a high standard. The end result exceeded our expectations and we look forward to working with them in the future. Highly recommended, friendly and professional filmmakers." - Katie Bodman, Head of Training Academy