Ruby (2015)

RUBY (2015)

SYNOPSIS - Rob is having a bad night. He is already going through a painful divorce from his wife, but things are about to get a lot worse as he agrees to drive a young woman into the local town.

We worked with writer and director Rod Lewis to bring his film to life. The shoot involved a team of 30 working through the night over the course of a fortnight. We were responsible for managing the project and ensuring everything ran smoothly, while also shooting the film.

RUBY has earned nominations at film festivals across the globe, including Idyllwild (California), Southampton International Film Festival, and the Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards.

Ruby (2015)

Behind the scenes with Rod Lewis

Behind the scenes with Matthew Simpson

Behind the scenes with Russell Biles

Behind the scenes with Maria Theresa Rodriguez

Behind the scenes with Steven Murphy

Behind the scenes with Glen Yard


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"Throughout the course of production on RUBY the guys at RMP proved indispensable. I would highly recommended them to anyone looking for a production team in a heartbeat" - Rod Lewis, Director