More House School, Frensham


With a history spanning almost 100 years, More House School supports boys with learning disabilities in achieving academic success, offering an education much broader than the typical exam syllabus expectation. They believe that the key to their students' accomplishments is thanks to their ability to identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to turn their difficulties into a marketable form.

THE BRIEF - Shooting during bad weather was one of the issues we had to work through when More House School recruited us to create a film that would help highlight the unique atmosphere at the school; film was to be the perfect solution and a modern way of showcasing the exceptional standard of education it has to offer.

THE SOLUTION - To convey the desired message we decided to blend the success stories of students with staff interviews. Combining interview audio with action shots from classes and other activities gives a multi-layered impression of the school's atmosphere. In addition, our drone camera meant that despite adverse weather we were able to capture some great footage of the breath-taking grounds in which the school is located. The upbeat and inspiring film sits very neatly on the new school website and gives a distinctive taste of the high quality education that the school offers.

More House School - Official Video

Case Study One

Case Study Two

Case Study Three

Case Study Four

Barry Huggett, 2015

John Hetherington, 2015

More House School - Photo Montage

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We are RAR Recommended, meaning that not only do our clients love the work we produce, but they also enjoy working with us. Don't just hear it from us...

"Jack, Ed, and Dave are old boys of More House School, Frensham, and I was aware of how well they were doing with their business, making it an easy choice to book them.

"They have an intuitive understanding of the very 'wooly' brief, not only because they attended the school, but because of their high level of experience and skill. They care deeply about the service they are providing and will work for as long as needed to secure the right shots. They use impressive technology to capture our site from a variety of angles and spent time re-acquainting themselves with the fabric of the site, the boys, and the staff to produce a sincere and honest final project.

"We have had amazing feedback from boys and parents and it has instilled a real whole school pride seeing More House captured in such a way. In short, I would not hesitate in recommending RMP Filmmakers and the outstanding service they provide." - Barry Huggett OBE, Headmaster