iMeta Assassin


iMeta are a specialist in onboarding and client lifecycle management software for financial institutions. Consistently delivering powerful solutions, iMeta is perfect for wholesale, commercial and investment banks & broker dealers. It's capabilities enable the rapid set up & ongoing management of the regulatory and operational data required for modern-day trading and settlement processes.

THE BRIEF - RMP Filmmakers constructed a storyboard and developed an animation to help promote iMeta's Assassin platform; a data mangement security system targeted at banks and trading markets.

THE SOLUTION - We created a streamlined, simplistic, and effective animation that explains a complex process in an engaging way for the target audience.

iMeta CLM

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We are RAR Recommended, meaning that not only do our clients love the work we produce, but they also enjoy working with us. Don't just hear it from us...

"Jack and the team at RMP Filmmakers are both friendly and professional. They understood the brief, effectively interpreted our script and produced an entertaining and informative animated film, which successfully and simply explains a complex process. The team is dedicated and enthusiastic, I would not hesitate to recommend them." - Victoria Adams, Marketing and Brand Development Expert