Humphries Kirk


Humphries Kirk is a solicitors firm based across Somerset, Dorset, and London - offering expert legal advice. The team look to get to know their clients and fully understand the situation that they are in, believing that trust is the most important aspect in any relationship. Their work spans both personal and business law including, but not limited to, divorce, Wills and probate, litigation, Intellectual Property, and residential land law.

THE BRIEF - Humphries Kirk were looking to produce a series of short and informative videos for sharing on social media, highlighting the key areas within the business as part of their SEO strategy.

THE SOLUTION - We worked with the marketing team to highlight the key points that needed to be included for each video and worked with the fee earners to ensure that they were comfortable in front of the camera.

Commercial IP


Unfair Dismissal

Who should make a Will?

Getting a divorce

Freehold vs Leasehold

Constructive Dismissal

Why is it important to have a Will?

Buing or selling a property

The divorce process

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We are RAR Recommended, meaning that not only do our clients love the work we produce, but they also enjoy working with us. Don't just hear it from us...

"The guys at RMP were fantastic, they made everyone feel at ease in front of the camera and helped us to create a series of informative advice videos for use on the website and social media" - Cat Abbott, Marketing Executive