GN Holidays


Holidays and short breaks designed specifically for the over 40s generation, established in 1997 with a reputation for quality and fun. Peace of mind is part of the package with GN Holidays and you can be rest assured that every aspect of the break will be managed on your behalf. Sister brand to GN Voyages, all short breaks and holidays are the perfect solution - they're passionate about what they do and strongly believe in personal service and value for money.

THE BRIEF - The video needed to be short and direct, giving visual examples of the areas, excursions and activities which take place on the various packages offered by GN Holidays.

THE SOLUTION - By filming the entire trip we were able to really get to know the customers and staff. We filmed the local areas and excursions; meaning that we were required to be very quick and flexible throughout the shoot. We produced a series of films which are designed to intrigue and excite the target audience, and we have had a very strong responses regarding the films and have exceeded expectations with the quality of production.

Back to the '60s

Come Dancing

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We are RAR Recommended, meaning that not only do our clients love the work we produce, but they also enjoy working with us. Don't just hear it from us...

"With little supervision and a basic brief, the RMP Filmmakers team created mini movies that really capture the spirit of our holidays. Their choice of music and the cinematography show that they really understand our brand and it's target market. The Monaco Historic Grand Prix movie is a mini-masterpiece" - Perry Mahoney, Founder & Managing Director