Rachel Maclean, Conservatives


As prospective MP for Birmingham Northfield, Rachel campaigns local and national levels. She has worked on behalf of local councillors in Meriden, Solihull and Stourbridge, as well as participating in European and Police & Crime Commissioner elections for the West Midlands. Rachel also sits on the Executive Committee for Meriden Conservatives.

THE BRIEF - Rachel Maclean was looking to build awareness and enthusiasm for her campaign as well as soliciting donations and support.

THE SOLUTION - We filmed footage of Rachel's day to day life and positioned it alongside interviews with local constituents, co-workers, and local buinesses. We produced an honest and upbeat promotional video, which sincerely delivers her positive bid for change. Rachel was successfully elected for the party seat in 2013.

Rachel Maclean, Conservatives - Campaign Video


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"The RMP team did a great job producing a film that I could show at my fundraising dinner. They spend a considerable amount of time understanding what key messages the video needed to convey. I love how they got local people involved with the filming.

"People commented at my dinner that the film was amazing, and I firmly believe it helped with the overall fundraising target which exceeded our expectations. The finished result is highly professional looking, I would have no hesitation recommending them to any prospective clients." - Rachel Maclean, Prospective MP for Birmingham Northfield